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Mixtape: March


Hello readers! Today I’m going to introduce you to my boyfriend, Bart. He is a professional musician, producer and songwriter and very passionate about music. Ever since we met, he has been making me mixtapes. We play them in the car for road trips or at home for parties or easy nights. It’s the perfect way to keep track of your favorite songs and have a collection of different songs that go together on different occasions. Bart has offered to feature a series of mixtapes on my blog, we both hope you will enjoy them a lot! And hey, it’s always nice to listen to new music :)

1. Mae – Bloom
2. J.Viewz – Oh, Something’s Quiet
3. Moss – Almost a Year
4. Lucy Rose – Red Face
5. Rue Royale – Guide to an Escape
6. First Aid Kid – The Lion’s Roar
7. Blaudzun – Sunday Punch
8. Chairlift – Sidewalk Safari
9. Neon Indian – Polish Girl
10. Veronica Maggio – Mit Hjärta Blöder

Click to play on Spotify

tinekatrine - so cute! (love your blog btw)

Danique - Thanks so much! I love yours too, I’ve been following it ever since Oslo last year :)

marlou - leuk! ik vind ‘m heel fijn :)
en jeej, veronica maggio (!!)

Danique - mooi zo! en jaa, leuke cd is dat :) :)

tinekatrine - thank you to then! :D

Nadiye - Oh wat een leuke liedjes! eventjes in m’n itunes playlist droppeeen joehoeee :D

Danique - Leuk dat je het leuk vindt :D veel luisterplezier!

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